The New Hip Hop Maniac 2

After days working on Hip Hop Maniac, trying to build the next big web-app that is socially and locally inspired. I have come up with the latest from the divine company Linkaas, a company that does nothing, I present to you Hip Hop Maniac 2.

Lets start with what i have removed, no more boring black background, no longer a quiz game, but an inforpuzzle (a puzzle to inspire education) on the subject S.A Hip Hop. Bye bye  key pad and annoying sound effect. (Hip Hop Maniac 1)
  • Hi If you have cool game sound effects please email theme here
Now that i have more room, i decided to widen the game, to make it more specious.

More Space, More Feature.

  • You may click or drag the puzzle peaces to move them around.
  • Login with your facebook account to keep track of your progress and continue later.
  • Click "HINT" to get informed about the puzzle photo.
  • See scoreboard to see where your are with the rest of the S.A hip hop community.
I have worked with a very cool guy, you has a passion for hip hop and a graphic designer by profession. He has made this beautiful green tinted banner, inspired by his love of S.A hip hop.


Lucky us! we also where able to get the famous --- to do a vblog review of our game. Thank you so much, please follow her blog and channel.



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