Omunye uNomusa (WTF is Distruction Boyz)

By no doubt Distruction Boyz is the new Witness The Funk, even ngeVolovolo
their hit was a miss. "...Like what i did with the title there?"

The two Durban groups have too many similarities, for starters WTF Charlie looks
almost similar to  Distruction Boyz Thobane “Que” Mgobozi, to add to that, they both group leaders and producers. Feather more, both groups have the same taste, in terms of their energy and image, it's as if one is the other version of the other.

Just like our street smash, "Sista Bettina" that was banned from the radio stations, so has
"Omunye". I would assume "Nomusa" by WTF would have been banned to, but as
much as people are going frenzy over "Omunye message"... Well hip hop is all about that message sady.

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